Millions of Families in America go hungry every year. Help us provide them with enough to eat


Manna From High Ministries is a non-profit organization that feed the poor provides holiday meals to those in need. Manna From High Ministries has one mission which is to portray the heart of Christ by feeding the hungry. This organization was inspired by Chairman, Emmett Bullard who decided to give back to the community by sponsoring families with a turkey for the holiday season. This began to spread like wildfire among his town and soon became a movement that grew hands and legs with other volunteers with the same heart felt compassion who continues this act of service in honor of Emmett to present day. This was the jump start that was needed to accelerate our commission and put fire under our feet to feed hungry souls. Our mandate is simple, “Food for hungry souls; Start with just one.” By being faithful with this small thing we have found our strength; Welcome to Manna On High Ministries. “I am the Bread of Life. The one who come to Me will never  be hungry, and the one who believes in Me (as Savior) will never be thirsty [for that one will be sustained spiritually].

”John 6:35 AMP


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