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Millions of Families in America go hungry every year. Help us provide them with enough to eat


Manna From High Ministries represents a collective Christian voice dedicated to helping less-privileged families and individuals by providing food, holiday meals, emergency relief, and much more. Hunger is a predicament that poverty-stricken families face every day throughout the United States and the world. Without the opportunities to earn anything near a living wage, many families simply cannot afford a decent regular meal.

This harsh reality for these families leaves them to hope for a miracle of compassion. Manna From High Ministries is  a hunger relief non-profit organization with a mission to feed the poor, one meal at a time, and we welcome all of you to join us in our journey. Chairman Emmett Bullard was inspired to follow in the footsteps of Christ and decided to do what he could by giving back to his community. Faith can inspire an organization with a foundation of compassion and motivated by the love of Jesus Christ.


The mission of Manna from High Ministries is to provide relief by feeding the poor in the communities that we serve. God's unconditional love, which we should all strive to reflect, is sacrificial and embraces all people regardless of background, race, or religion. Through our commission to feed hungry souls, Manna from High Ministries seeks to show God's love as he challenged us to do in Matthew 25. We pray that by His Grace, and with your much-appreciated support, we can continue to feed the poor and offer some relief and hope to people who may be suffering and losing hope with each passing day.


At Manna from High Ministries, we find our strength in feeding just one hungry soul, and with your help, faithfully building on to a movement that takes care of and honors the less fortunate in our society.


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