Our Story

donate to feed the poor


Manna From High Ministries began recently in 2020 in Dallas, TX. Inspired to feed the poor and less privileged, Emmett Bullard, a Navy veteran, answered a calling deep in his heart and founded this non-profit organization. Our main goal is to do the best we can to ensure no family or individual in our areas of service has to go hungry.

Manna From High Ministries seeks to help those in need, including homeless persons, poverty stricken families, veterans, and individuals who cannot access quality nutrition. Thanks to our faithful donors, we are proud and grateful to have provided food, freshwater, emergency relief, and much more to people in need in our community.


Manna From High Ministries aims to expand our mission and ministry globally. We continually support all organizations that feed the poor all around the world. By providing lifesaving and nourishing food, clean water, and other vital provisions, we hope to give those faced with poverty a chance at a better and hopeful future and show God's love.


Manna From High Ministries always welcomes those ready to join us and serve, as Jesus Christ did. We have pledged to do our best to meet both physical and spiritual needs at the individual, family, community, country, and global levels.

donate to feed the poor


Our mission is to reveal the greatness of God by transforming lives in our community – one at a time. The vision of Manna From High Ministries is to sow a seed of hope among those in our communities who are in need.


These seeds, when planted, will spring forth into life as we provide resources to needy communities while spreading the living Word of Jesus Christ. In this way, we hope to not only provide for the physical needs of those who are experiencing hunger and poverty – but also to transform them spiritually through the Word.


Our motto is simple. Food for hungry souls start with just one.

As Jesus himself said "And Jesus said unto them, I am the bread of life: he that cometh to me shall never hunger; and he that believeth on me shall never thirst."